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A Great And Rewarding Career At
Shampan Group

We are a leading and award-winning modern Indian restaurant group that is often spoken of as the finest in South-East England. A loyal following, a tremendous reputation for stupendous food and drink along with warming hospitality, are just some of the attributes that make us stand out.

By its very nature, no hospitality business, especially one like ours that sets high standards for what we do, is functional without good, amiable and hard-working personnel, which in turn creates a wonderful atmosphere for our guests resulting in efficient and fantastic teamwork throughout.
Having a stellar team of people on board means that the kind of individuals we seek are enthusiastic and motivated, passionate about meeting other people, have a drive and desire to learn and do well along with being genuinely committed to being part of a diverse team environment.

Shampan Group offers great opportunities be trained to those with such levels of ambition and determination. From offering a competitive salary to flexible working hours and shifts, as well as perks and incentives to being able to climb the company ladder and be promoted.