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Shampan Group support for the community with the Bromley Buzz

The Shampan Group is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the Bromley Buzz podcast. The podcast, described as ‘relentlessly positive’ by Orpington Member of Parliament Gareth Bacon, has been showcasing the best of Bromley for almost three years, including people and organisations of all kinds.

Shampan Group Founder and CEO Sufian Miah said, “I think the Bromley Buzz is brilliant. We have sponsored and supported events, activities, causes, and clubs in the borough and nearby for years, and all of them benefit from being better known. The podcast has interviewed people from Strictly Come Dancing stars to children, Bromley’s Members of Parliament, charity and business leaders. They have helped to share a lot of people and organisations who seldom receive publicity. So, in helping the podcast we’re helping Bromley and its people.

“This coincided with the podcast team launching a new networking event, the ‘Bromley BuzzUp’,  that brings people together in person each month in person. We are very happy to be providing refreshments for some of the meetings, and we very much look forward to hosting a BuzzUp at Shampan Bromley on 11th June.

“We will continue to support our community and we look forward to the Above and Beyond Bromley Business Awards (ABBBA’s), which we are sponsoring for the second year.”

Bromley Buzz Founder Darren Weale said, “We are very grateful for the sponsorship from the Shampan Group. There are a lot of lovely and outstanding things about the borough that need to be shared more widely, and this support helps us do that. The food, drink, and service at the Shampan restaurants are all outstanding. We are very happy to be the latest community enterprise to be associated with them. My favourite Shampan dishes, by the way, are their paneer starter, Piri Piri Lamb main, and the Kala Jamun with Cardamon Shirkand dessert. My co-presenters Zeenat Noorani and Sarah Marsh-Collings will share theirs on the podcast soon!” 

Mention the Bromley Buzz when booking in 2024 to receive a 15% discount on your food at Shampan at The Spinning Wheel in Westerham and at Shampan Bromley.

Finding the Bromley Buzz

The Bromley Buzz podcast can be found on Spotify, Audible, Apple, and most podcast audio channels. The podcast is also sponsored by Ian Wood Property – The Bromley BuzzUp events are listed on the Bromley Buzz What’s On website page. The Bromley Buzz can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Bromley Buzz What’s On website page –